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Blur 100% Complete


Save Game Info:


Platform: PC
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Status: 100%

Career Progress = 100%

Game Info:

In Blur‍ ’​s career mode, the player will encounter numerous characters and many licensed cars ranging from Dodge Vipers to Lotus Exiges to Ford Transit vans fitted with F1 engines, all of which have full damage modeling and separate traits such as Acceleration, Speed, Drift, Grip and Stability. Some special car models have been designed by Bizarre Creations themselves. Albeit simplified, the tracks are also based on real-world environments, such as the Los Angeles river canals and several parts of London. Depending on the character(s) the player races against or tags along with in team races, they will have their own racing styles, power-up set ups, match types, locales and cars. As the player races well, performs stunts and uses power-ups in certain ways during races, the player will gain ‘fan points’. These points help the player progress through the career, purchase more cars and parts and earn more fans for the user base. During the career, challenges will take place midrace when the player drives through a fan icon. Completing these short challenges (e.g. shoot another car with a certain weapon, or perform a long drift) will reward the player with a fan points boost. During the career mode, each challenge features a final boss, which, once defeated will yield access to their specific mods, as well as customized cars. At the final boss challenge, all the bosses meet together for a final race.


How to Install Blur Save Game

  1. Download save game.
  2. Extract save game to

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\*Your_Account_Name*\Application Data\bizarre creations\blur

Windows 7

C:\Users\*Your_Account_Name*\AppData\Roaming\bizarre creations\blur

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