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Battlefield Hardline 100% Complete


Save Game Info:

Battlefield Hardline

Platform: PC
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Visceral Games
Status: 100%
– Character Level: 15
– Difficulty: Officer
– Episodes Done: 10 of 10
– Evidence Found: 71 of 71
– Suspects: 21 of 21
– Expert Score: 130k
– Available New Difficulty Level: HARDLINE

Game Info:

The focus of the game is the “war on crime“, breaking away from the military setting that hitherto characterized the series. As such, the main factions in Hardline are the police Special Response Units and criminals. Players have access to various military-grade weapons and vehicles, such as the Lenco BearCat, as well as having police equipment such as tasers and handcuffs.
Hardline also uses the Levolution mechanic from Battlefield 4. For example, in the map “Downtown” players can send a construction crane crashing into the building, ripping down debris from the central buildings in downtown, which falls down on the streets of Los Angeles. But, this time, every map features multiple Levolution events, both small and large.


How to Install Battlefield Hardline Save Game

  1. Download save game.
  2. Extract save game to Documents\BFH\settings

Download Links:

Download Save Game

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